Macadamia Nuts:

Our Macadamia Nuts are grown in the sub-tropical areas of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. We harvest our nuts by hand on a daily basis throughout the harvesting season, to ensure our good quality and taste. At harvest the nuts have a moisture content of up to 30%.

Drying can take up to a maximum of three weeks and reduces the moisture content to around 1.5%. Careful drying and curing is a critical step in Macadamia processing to maximize shelf life and quality of the end product.


The kernel shrinks away from the inside of the shell and allows the shells to be cracked without damaging the kernel. We have our processing and cracking done in leading new factories with state of the art equipment and fully traceable batches. We sell our Macadamia's both as kernel (in all regular styles), in carton boxes, containing 11.34 kg, vacuum packed in foil bags, nitrogen flushed. Upon request these boxes can be branded to customer's specs.

Nuts in shell

Part of our harvest we sell as 'Nuts in Shell', in several sizes. Packed in 25 Kg Bags. We load 1000 bags into a 40 ft container. Moisture bags inside the containers control the humidity whilst transported to our customers and we also add protective carton on all sides of the container, in order to protect the bags and the macadamia's.

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