Unlimited Nuts was established in 2011 as a South African nuts producer and exporter.

The bulk of the nuts is produced by affiliated Unlimited Group producers. Unlimited Nuts provides an integrated nut sourcing and supply service to our wholesale and retail customers around the globe.

The modern factories where we proces our nuts, are accredited as HACCP processing facilities and the quality standards that we apply satisfy the stringent specifications that our worldwide customers and the industry demand.

Besides our own harvest, we work closely together with many South African farmers that work on similar quality specifications and have similar love for the products they grow as we do . Each year we carry out modifications to our factories to ensure that we keep pace with the increasing size of the macadamia crop, and new technical developments in macadamia processing.

We are committed to employment equity and non-discrimination, in our company, this involves training and encouraging all staff to achieve their potential. It is important to us that occupational health and safety protocols are adhered to.

As added value, we offer a specialised service to our growers. This service includes batch processing of each delivery, with a complete analysis of nuts processed . In this way, we ensure that the high standard of macadamias delivered to our factories is maintained from the orchards to our customers, thereby maintaining our World Class status. We support and encourage good agricultural practices on the land, and recommend that farmers adhere to strict Global GAP protocols, which limit the impact on the environment.

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