We offer not only a one-stop service of a full range of varieties and options to fit every situation and marketing choice. We also assess the point of difference in each variety and consider all the advantages and risks to ensure superior, consistently high production.


Self-pollinating – advantages in self-pollination presents the least risk to sustainable production. No cross-pollination is needed, so fewer bees are required, making them more resilient to unfavourable weather condition during flowering.  Self-pollination is also the result in higher production per hectare as there are no pollinators to discount. 

Hard Shell – The advantages of hard shells are more resilient against insects, birds and Aflatoxins.  Hard Shell is also more economical as it enables less expensive processing operations.  They also have longer storage potential in the shell before cracking. 

Frost tolerant – Frost tolerant up to -7 degrees C (Vairo)

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